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While living in France, Nobel introduced a revolutionary invention called ballistite, an explosive for mining which was eventually applied to military ammunition. He offered first his invention to the French government but they declined his offer, so Nobel went to offer his product to the Italian government.
The Italians did accept it; a large factory in Avigliana, Turin, was fitted for the production of ballistite in 1872, and for more than a century it has been a symbol of working life in this small town...

In 1880, the Avigliana dynamite factory secured the supply of explosives for government. Four warehouses were built in the hill and arranged in echelon formation to keep the set quantity in stock.

A 1892 prefect's document describes the storage process of great quantities of explosive before the sorting:
- The maximum quantity of dynamite to be kept in the warehouses must not be over 50 tons and each warehouse must not contain more than 2500 Kg of such explosive.
- Each ballistite warehouse must not contain more than 8000 Kg of raw material
- Only screws must be employed to close the tops of explosive boxes