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Maps codify the miracle of existence / 2.11 mar 2014

Added a page about new procedures of maps georeferencing... [Italian only]

Maps codify the miracle of existence.29 jul 2013

Although already existing in the cyberspace (knowing where to look), I published some previously hidden content related to experimental cartography. For those interested in history and not very sure about the inner consistency of reality. Look in the 'Tinkerings' section... [warning: some content in Italian language only]


PS - Thanks everyone for so many visits!

MORE VOLTAGE, Scotty!26 nov 2011

Added my experimental considerations about an OTL headphone amplifier project under Electronics/High Voltage... Read the foreword first!

New content23 nov 2011

Added my old Nixie Clock project under Electronics/High Voltage... Read the foreword first!
Added last update date on index page.

First update...Same day!

Thanks to this comment by my friend Minerva Jones, now also the main pages have an iconic reference to eMail and blog... :-)

First Release!17 nov 2011

Well, it has been a hard work to set up a graphical interface working with (almost) every browser at (almost) any resolution, shamelessy cutting and pasting snippets from everywhere! And I am aware it still does not work at all with cellphones and most iThings... anyway, here it is!
There are still empty projects (Steel and Shapes), and the Details one is still to be considered a preview... but I was impatient to receive some feedback to understand if the basic structure was OK. In respect to the 'old' site there has been a rethinking of the two existing projects (OGR and Nobel Dinamyte) with added content and comments... and there is a complete new one (LOCOeMOTIONs). The Pentacon 135 overhaul guide is the same, and in the same position as before, because it has been linked from a lot of places and I don't want to disrupt existing links; however, I feel that the structure of those pages is not so bad for a 'hands on' guide, and the next ones (YES, there are other guides coming in a few days!) will probably be in the same format.
Please feel free to express yourself on any issues, via mail or through the linked blog!

Work in progress09 oct->16 nov 2011

I put online the old site on 02 January 2008... and after THREE years of leaving it in a complete neglection, I realized that it was time to renew and repopulate it.
The user interface was UGLY ( although there was some idea behind it, it was simply not usable, there has been a bounce rate near to 100% from the home page... :-( )
If you really feel an urge to compare, here is "The old one" [I will erase it sooner or later...]
Anyway, it has been an unexpected success, with an average of around 40 unique pageviews per day! (Thanks mostly to the Pentacon 135 overhaul guide and the wonderful interest shown by the guys at The Manual Focus Forum).