How to overhaul a Pentacon 135 - 2.8



( in 21 (x2) simple steps... )


I always liked to put again in operation old devices... if someone is discarding something, I am often ready to take it with me and bring it to a new life...

This time I bought on eBay for a ridiculous price a Pentacon 135 2.8, a fully manual lens, made in German Democratic Republic in the seventies, sold 'AS IS' (that usually means in really bad shape). From the photos the lenses looked reasonably clear...

At the delivery, I made my diagnosis: stiff focus, stiff diaphragm ring, dust in between the lenses, and an horrible rattling coming from its guts... but, luckily, the splendid 15-blades iris was clean and shining.

Time for a complete overhaul...

These are the 'tools' you need for such a work, each one very common:

- A generous dose of common sense and patience (not pictured)

- A clean and tidy bench, in a room with a comfortable temperature

- Modified Seeger remover ( I simply filed the round edges, making a set of spanners! )

- Set of precision screwdrivers

- Dust blower

- Small torch

- Felt pen

- Molybdenum bisulfide grease

- High-grip mat

- A LOT of paper towels

- Soap

- Discardable toothbrush


And now let's go to the bench! [And keep always in mind there is no rush... when you feel uneasy it's time to stop (have a beer, maybe :-) ) and try to understand the meaning of the parts you are looking at...]


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