Colours fade away, sometimes...





Here the ύβρις (hybris), the will of men to role over the divine or human laws, created its tools using technology. Here Prometeus stole fire from Zeus, trying to forge his destiny.

But often rebellion contains within itself the dark seeds of destruction...




















From the OGR windows is visible the ghost of another massive building. A different architecture, equally intriguing in a different way... it witnessed (literally) the whole modern history of the city. "The former jailhouse Le Nuove in Turin is a historically significant place... bound up with tragical and difficult memories as well as values including those of freedom and civil rights." (Sergio Chiamparino, mayor of Turin)
Built in 1869, the jailhouse has been turned into a museum in 2004, one year after its closure. The exhibition space of this peculiar museum amounts to 5000m²... but this is another story. 


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